Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cookie Monster Loves...Fruit??

Who knew the power of Cookie Monster? And where the heck have I been - under a rock?

According to an article posted on June 6th in USA Today and based off the findings of The NPD Group, fruit has surpassed cookies as the preferred snack for kids under the age of six. Say what??! This apparantly aligns well with the new cookie box, or day I say "fruit bowl" that Cookie Monster has been standing on and promoting on Sesame Street. When did this happen? Don't get me wrong, as the father of two I think this is great, but I just wonder about the data, and how real and reliable it is.

The study was based on the journals from 500 mothers in 1985-1987 and 600 mothers in 2005-2007. The women kept diaries for 14 days on all the foods and beverages their children under age 6 consumed. O.K. - so riddle me this: what did the kids eat the remaining 351 days of the year that led to childhood obesity statistics revealing in October 2007 the stunning fact that almost 60% of children in America are obese children. 60%!!! The obesity statistics of 2002 say that 22% of US preschoolers were overweight, and by the time an obese child turns six years old, his/her chance of becoming an obese adult is over 50%. So, while I inhale my peanut M&M's and Twizzlers, read through the article (link below) and the recent appearance by Mr. Monster on The Colbert Report.


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